Local HW is dedicated to supporting and promoting the vibrancy of Hamilton and Wenham's businesses and entrepreneurs through promotions and engaging events that foster a sense of community. We are a non-profit 501c3, Main Street-certified organization that recognizes the power of shopping locally and we understand that businesses located in our towns, or businesses owned by the residents in our towns, are more likely to keep their dollars in our community and enrich our collective quality of life. We say ‘yes’ to new ideas. We align local businesses with our community and we support local nonprofits, schools and other entities that help make Hamilton and Wenham a vibrant place to live, work and play.

Our Team:

Jan Soolman, President - Jan Soolman is a Wenham resident and originally from Chicago. After a career in marketing and brand management, she started her own ecommerce and wholesale business, Clutch Towels. Jan has also written several plays and created a webseries about a group of friends in their 30's called Staying in Boston. When she's not designing towels or writing, she's spending time with her family and black lab, or, most likely, sneaking chocolate when no one's looking.

Angela Arvanites, Vice President - Angela is a Hamilton resident and originally from New York. She is the owner of A Monogram Shop and 2 Donkeys Toy Store, both located in Hamillton’s commercial corridor on the Willow/Railroad Avenue intersection. Angela’s mom is a local celebrity who walks miles every day. People often pop into the store to report sightings of her.

Karen Moulton, Treasurer - Karen is the owner of TM Landscaping, a full service landscaping firm headquartered in the heart of the commercial district on Bay Avenue/1A. Karen is a die hard community volunteer, and an extremely organized accountant who has made our life so much easier.

Natalie Bowers, Marketing Director - Natalie is a Wenham resident who is originally from New Jersey. She owns Acorn Communications, a marketing and communications consultancy, and is mother to 9 year old twins. She loves running and foraging for mushrooms.