When you donate to Local HW, you help improve neighborhood quality of life and promote economic and cultural vitality. It's easy to see how investing in downtown is investing in our future - when small businesses thrive, when people enjoy their home, when tourists stay longer, and when residents greet each other with warm, familiar smiles - the future of our favorite place is bright. That’s what we do at LocalHW, we increase the quality of life of our towns and your support helps make that happen. When you donate, yes, your business gets in front of the people who enjoy our events, your branding and messaging is shared with thousands of people online through social media, our website, our monthly newsletter, and more; our small business owners will know you care about the place they take care of each and every day, our citizens will see your business as one that gives back and takes care of our community. But none of this is really why you sponsor LocalHW. You donate to LocalHW because you know your money is going to the caretakers of our downtown and the return on investment is a place you can be proud of.